Budget Led Design

The best way to avoid losing money before you start building.

Embarking on a budget-led design journey for your project ensures a practical and cost-effective design right from the start, leading to potential savings and a stress-free construction experience.

In a budget-led design, architects, builders, and quantity surveyors (QS) collaborate during the planning phase. Engaging a builder and QS early in the design process proves instrumental in saving costs by exploring innovative construction methods. This collaborative effort ensures that the project stays within budget, avoiding unforeseen surprises and unnecessary stress.

The Challenge

Traditionally, homeowners engage architects first, investing significantly in bringing their vision to paper. However, these designs can often lead to budget overruns during the quoting stage. Clients may find themselves facing disappointment, realising their dream home might not align with their budget. This can result in redesigns, additional costs, and, in extreme cases, abandoning the project altogether.

Lester Bryant, our QS, highlights that over 35% of architectural plans don't materialise due to designs exceeding budgets. Embracing budget-led design helps create a higher success rate in progressing from design to construction.

The Solution

Building a cohesive team comprising of architects, builders, and a QS from the project's inception ensures a seamless process and helps keep the project within budget. The team utilise their collective knowledge, examining past projects to estimate costs accurately and address any necessary adjustments to the brief or budget before the design phase begins.

By adopting a budget-led design, the architect, builder, and QS work together to align the design with the budget, reducing the need for redraws and avoiding delays that could inflate costs. Early involvement of the builder ensures that the design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also constructible within budget constraints.

The Conclusion

The pre-construction phase is pivotal, setting the groundwork for the entire project. Collaborative decision-making early on, involving the builder, QS, and architect, ensures well-planned and cost-effective projects aligned with any budget. Shaun Spillane of SAS Builders emphasizes the importance of early collaboration to achieve successful outcomes.

“At SAS Builders, we champion collaborative efforts, working closely with architects and QS from the project's initiation to align design and budget seamlessly. Homeowners seeking award-winning builders with extensive experience working with architects should contact SAS Builders for a successful project journey.” Shaun Spillane – SAS Builders